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installations by cornelia konrads

Konrads studied philosophy, German language and literature, and cultural studies, finding her way to an existence as a freelance artist relatively late. The ontology of the Book Objects conceals—or so it seems—an exorcistic act, with whose help Konrads drove out her academic way of thinking in order to awaken the creative forces of the unconscious, the dream-like and surreal, the faculties of intransigent and dissident thought.

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Mosquitos as small as they are, are the reason behind the deaths of many people young and old. Our technology that guards against diseases such as malaria are relatively old fashioned. Kite Patch is a new product hoping to make a global change.  Kite is a small wearable patch that can keep mosquitos away for up to 48 hours.

The team which is comprised of scientists, designers and public health experts, wanted to create a solution to protect those most at risk from mosquito bites – residents of developing countries such as Uganda, where the product is set to be tested and where life-threatening malaria, Dengue fever and West Nile virus are rife. The patch takes into account the fact that the insects track humans based on the CO2 they produce. Much like a peelable sticker, the Kite can be stuck onto any item of clothing, where it emits a fragrance that interferes with mosquitos’ ability to detect CO2.

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